As I discussed in my last blog I lost my dad when I was only 8 years old but that was only the beginning of major life events to come. About one and a half years after my dad passed I had signed up for Girl Scout camp, I was going to go with my friend Faith. Before we were allowed to go to camp we had to get a physical. I didn’t know what a physical was and my mom told me not to worry and that she actually never really felt all the tests they did during a physical were necessary. I went in for my physical and they found something wrong with me. I was still able to go to camp (Camp St. Albans) but as soon as I returned home I had to meet with a specialist. You see during my physical my doctor discovered that something wasn’t right with my kidneys so I needed to see a specialist a nephrologist to be exact little did I know that first doctor’s appointment was one of many,… many, many,….. many, many, many more to come.

After multiple ultrasounds, biopsies, blood tests and more, we discovered that I had Focal segmental Glomurial Nephritis (FSGS) along with chronic kidney disease (CKD). The doctors treated my FSGS with a mass dose of prednisone and treatments of chemo therapy. Unfortunately this route of treatment made me gain mass amounts of weight, lose some of my hair, and the most important/unfortunate threw me into a mass depression.

People my age at the time, didn’t get what I was going through just like when my dad passed and as kids do, they bullied me pretty bad to the point that I had to switch schools. I remember being tripped over the slide, pushed down a hill, made fun of for my weight more. I know it seems petty that I can still remember those events because they obviously don’t matter anymore, but growing up all of that shaped me.

When I started middle school things seemed to be a little easier because I was kind of used to being made fun of at this point. Even though I was insecure, sad,  everyone was in there awkward phase so I had an easier time pursuing friendships however, I still kept my distance and mainly focused on school, the friends I did have, and started playing sports in order to help me socialize with new people. I would say middle school years were my most normal years but also the most hurtful. I remember going home one day and opening up Facebook to a friend request from “I hate Rebecca Wolf” page. It had my photo with a big red cross through it. So clearly I still dealt with bullying.

From these earlier years I learned that I had to start standing up for myself and if I want to be happier I need to stop caring what people think. See, I learned these lessons however at the time I necessarily didn’t apply them to my life.

I had planned on including my High School years into this blog post however, I think that there is too much to cover effectively because I learned some news that would be life changing for me, events that were life changing for my family and important to my future.