As I approach the final weeks of my college career all I can think about is what is next? I have attempted to pursue multiple degrees but as I delved deeper into each area of academia I realized that I was not suited or meant for a life of nursing, teaching, or even the degree that I am about to receive which is Public Relations. All that I have known for the last 24 years of life are the obstacles that are supposed to come later on, and of course school. So what to do after graduation? Hopefully by reflecting upon my life which I will do each week in this blog, I will be able to have a direction for what I should do next. I suppose the best way to do this is to reflect back in the beginning when life started to shape the person I have become.  

Central Washington University

Before I start to tell you about my life I should give you some background information just to give you a little feel of who I am. I grew up the youngest of three girls; I have two sisters Samantha 27, and Laurel 36 (half-sister). We grew up living in Edmonds, Washington but by the time I was 7 years old Samantha and I moved with my mother Linda and my stepfather Wally to Gig Harbor and Laurel stayed back in Edmonds. Life was pretty normal up until this point, granted my parents were divorced but due to my young age when it happened there was no real effect on me. I had friends, loved school, was very active and overall just a normal kid.

But at the age of 8 all that changed, I experienced the first curveball life had in store for me and it changed my outlook on life forever.